Freedom Makeup London Pro Lipstick – Bare 113 Whispers

Hi everyone and welcome back on my blog!

Today I’ll continue to review what I’ve purchased on the website Tam Beauty a few weeks ago (and in the meantime I’ve made another order XD).

Today I’m going to talk about Freedom Makeup London Pro Lipstick – Bare 113 Whispers.


I’ve purchased this lipstick because for a long time I was looking for a nude color.

Well, it’s more pink than I expected.
So at first I was a little disappointed, but I’ve decided to give a try.

I love the color (although it’s not what I was looking for); it’s a very delicate pink, perfect for everyday make up, or when you have  a more eye-catching look on your eyes, and want to stay more natural on your lips.


The lipstick is creamy and feel moisturising on my lips; It didn’t dry. However it doesn’t last long, and I have to reapply it a few times during the day; but for the price, I think it’s pretty good.

Have you tried this lipstick? What others colors do you recommend?
Let me know in the box below or in the section “Contact Us”

Bye for now!!!!
Have a lovely day!




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