MUA Winged Wonder Liner

Hello everybody and welcome back on my blog!

Today I’m here to talk about a brand that I’ve discovered thanks a friend of mine, and that I love.
I’m referring to MUA (Makeup Academy).
(Yes, today I will talk about something different XD)

As you already know, I love very much this brand. Is very affordable, and the quality of the products is very high.

But, although I love most of the products of this brand, today I want to talk about one that I do not like particularly: MUA Winged Wonder Liner


During my life I’ve always used liquid eyeliner. I never used a pen, and since my was over, I’ve tried to change and try a new one.

What is curious about this, is the peculiarity of the tip that allows you to trace thin lines, and some thicker.

A unique felt liner with a paddle tip allowing for thick and thin lines. Perfect for winged effects!

It would be nice if … it worked.
I do not know if I was unlucky and I bought a defective product, or just I’m not able to use a pen liner (I think that this could be the problem XD), but I really have difficulty using it. It dries too fast, and I can just trace the stroke on the first eye, which begins to write no more. I also tried to wait a few minutes before doing the other eye, but nothing …

By informing me on the web I have read that pen liners are threaded vertically and never horizontally otherwise they may have stretch problems. I keep it in the brush of the toothbrushes to make sure it is always vertical, but the problem continues to appear.
I don’t know…maybe it’s me.

So as far as I’m sorry, I do not think I’ll buy this item again.

Have you tried this product? what do you think?
Any suggestion to let it works? XD

Let me know in the comments section below.

For now it’s everything.
Have a nice day! ^_^




One thought on “MUA Winged Wonder Liner

  1. Dont ​worry, it isnt ​you! I had exactly the same problem – i​ managed to complete one eye, and then threw it away. It’s the worst eyeliner i have used xo

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