Mystery Bag!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome back on my blog!

Today I’m sooooo excited!
Almost 2 week ago I’ve made my second order on Tam Beauty website, and yesterday finally I’ve recieved it with my Mystery Bag!!! *____*

It was like Christmas for me!

I have received so many beautiful things *_*

So I’ve got:
– 1 Makeup Revolution Lipstick;
– 1 Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipstick;
– 2  Makeup Revolution Single eyeshadow;
– 1 Makeup Revolution Blush;
– 1 Makeup Revolution The One Foundation Shade 10 (I think this shade is too dark for me, but I still don’t know if I will use this foundation for contouring or I will give it to someone);
– 2 Makeup Revolution Nail polish;
– 1 pretty Makeup Revolution pure pigmentation;
– 1 Makeup Revolution Awesom Metals Foil Finish;
– 1 Makeup Revolution Girls on Film Palette;

Everything is beautiful!!! I love my Mystery Bag.

The only thing I’m sorry about, is one of the 2 lipsticks that came damaged

I love the color 😦
It means I will have to buy it in my next order 😛

If you are curious to know the products I’ve purchased, keep following me ^_^
See you soon!



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