My second order on Tam Beauty

Hello Everyone!
Welcome back!

Today I’d like to show you what I’ve purchased on the website Tam Beauty (I’ve made this order because I love the products on this website, and also to have the Mystery Bag that I’ve showed you in my last post XD)


In this picture is missing one thing… can you understand which one?

Here the list and the links of what I’ve purchased (so you can check the prices as well):

Yes, the Makeup Revolution Gifts Sets Advent Calendar is not in the picture.

Apart from the fact that it is huge, so I would have to make a separate photo for it; but also, though I know this is the advent calendar from the last year, I’ve bought it for this year, and I want to wait December to put it in my room and open a box a day.

So to avoid any temptation I have hidden it immediately.

As I will try the various products I have purchased, and that I have received in the Mystery bag, I will try to post my opinions (although I have to finish reviewing the products of the last order XD… I can do it XD).

Let me know in the comments below, if there is any product you want me to review first. I will do my best 🙂

For now it’s everything!
If you want you can also follow me on Twitter: @AmbrosiasCr
and Instagram: ambrosiasworld

Have a nice day ^_^




7 thoughts on “My second order on Tam Beauty

      1. I think that’s such an amazing deal. I wanted it last year but every time I tried to purchase it was always out of stock! I love how they still have it on their website! I might do the same as you. I love having beauty calanders instead of chocolate ones!xo

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