The Liebster Award!

Hello everyone and welcome back!

It’s almost 2 months that I have opened this blog, and I’m so happy that I was able to know many nice blogger 🙂

I’ve been kindly nominated for The Liebster Award by bitsbobsandbeauty , a nice girl with many passions. She likes the photography (check her Instgram account, there are so many beautiful pictures); she like read and she has a very positive attitude 🙂 which I think it’s a great quality.

But what’s The Liebster Award?
“The Liebster Award 2017 is an award that exists only on the internet, and is given to bloggers by other bloggers. The earliest case of the award goes as far back as 2011. Liebster in German means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.” (cit. from the blog “The Global Aussie“).


If you have been nominated for The Liebster Award AND YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPT IT, write a blog post about the Liebster award in which you should do the follow:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog. Try to include a little promotion for the person who nominated you. They will thank you for it and those who you nominate will also help you out as well.
  1. Display the award on your blog — by including it in your post and/or displaying it using a “widget” or a “gadget”. (Note that the best way to do this is to save the image to your own computer and then upload it to your blog post.) At the bottom of this post I’ve included a whole lot of images you can use for your 2017 Liebster Award.
  1. For the 2017 Liebster Award I will be shaking things up! Write a 150-300 word post about your favourite blog that is not your own. Explain why you like the blog, provide links.
  1. Provide 10 random facts about yourself. (This year this is optional.)
  1. Nominate 5 – 11 blogs that you feel deserve the award, who have a less than 200 followers. (Note that you can always ask the blog owner this since not all blogs display a widget that lets the readers know this information!)
  1. List these rules in your post (You can copy and paste from here or simply link by to this post.) Once you have written and published it, you then have to:

Inform the people/blogs that you nominated that they have been nominated for the Liebster award and provide a link for them to your post. And then, post a comment in the comments of The Global Aussie about your post.

Now I’m going to answer my questions:

  1. No money needed, everything is paid for, where would you go on a 2 week long holiday?
    For a 2 weeks vacation, without spending a penny, I would go to China. Not in a particular city, but rather I would try to visit as much as possible.
    I’ve been twice in China; once for study and one for work, and unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to travel and see anything, so I’d like to come back as a tourist.
  2. What is one thing you can’t go your day without having done/used?
    To have breakfast. Maybe it’s a stupid answer, but many people do not have breakfast in the morning. For me it must be the first thing to do just wake up, otherwise the day does not start.
  3. What would your name be if it wasn’t the name you have?
    My name, if it was not what it is, would be Serena. My parents liked both names and could not decide, so they made a draw.
  4. Favourite book or TV series?
    OMG, this is a good question. I have so many books and TV series that I love. The first television series that come to my ming that I’ve watched I think a million times is 命中注定我愛你 (Fated to love you). It’s a taiwanese serie that I love!!! And I’ve also read the book. 
  5. Would you survive a zombie apocalypse?
    Of course. I can do anything! u.u
  6. What is the most daring thing you have done?
    I think the most daring thing that I’ve done in my life was just after the graduation. I left for Shanghai by myself. Without any help, I’ve contacted the chinese university and I’ve organized the travel by myself.
  7. What are your two favourite boy and girl baby names?
    For a boy I love the name Michelangelo (for the artist and for the ninjia turtle XD), and for a girl I love Isara (is the name of a song by Eluvetie).
  8. What is the one makeup item you couldn’t go out of the house with on?
    The concealer.  I always have very dark dark circles.
  9. What is one holiday destination you would return to?
    Paris. I love artistic atmosphere in the air.
  10. How tall are you, and how tall do you wish you were?
    I’m tall/short 158 cm, and I’m perfect like this.
  11. What is your favourite quote/ song lyric?
    My favourite lyrics it “Easer to run” by Linkin Park. The song talks about how much easier would be to run than to remain and face of everything; But in the end you have to be strong and have the courage to face the life.


The blog I enjoy reading is I’ve discovered this blog thanks to Twitter. I love to read it because it’s very informative. The posts are written very well, and they are very useful. I really enjoy read it. On this blog I found many suggestions on how to grow your own blog. Various very useful app to use. And besides this, there are also many articles about beauty, a topic that I love

Now my nomination:

And my questions for you :

1. Is there a sport you’d love to try, but haven’t yet? What is it and why?
2. What is the best memory that you have while traveling?
3. Why do you blog?
4. What’s your favourite food?
5. If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be?
6. Where is the strangest place you have spent the night?
7. Where do you get the ideas for your blog posts?
8. What are three things you cannot live without?
9. What does your perfect day look like?
10. If you could give someone $1,000,000 who would you give it to?
11. Which animal best defines you and why?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post 🙂
I hope those who are nominated follow up with this post on their blog too.
For me was a fun experience. I hope will be the same for you.

Have a wonderful day!


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