Freedom Makeup London Duo Eyebrow Powder – Auburn

Hi everyone!

Today I’m going to talk about a product  which I’ve recently purchased.
Freedom Makeup London Duo Eyebrow Powder – Auburn.


This duo eyebrow powder is available in ten duo-shades to create the perfect brow.

This shade is perfect for strawberry blonde to auburn hair.

The packaging is very practical, with a small mirror.

The shades are very pigmented and spreads evenly. You can use just one color or mix them together to create the perfect shade.

I love this product.

Only recently did I’ve started to to my eyebrows.

Not understanding much, a few months ago I’ve bought an eyebrow pencil by MUA, but (surely because I’m not very experienced) I find very difficult to use it. It’s very soft, you have to be very light, and in the end I always feel that the lines are not natural.

With this product I did not have any kind of difficulty. It’s really easy to use it.

I show you the difference without and with the product 🙂

Can you see the difference? XD
(OMG, in the first picture my eyebrow is orrible XD).

So for me is a really good product. Maybe the only problem is to try to understand which duo is the perfect one for you.

For now it’s everything!
Hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

Have a nice day!



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