Freedom Makeup London Pro Shade & Brighten – Play Kit

Hello and welcome back!

Today I’m going to talk about Freedom Makeup London Pro Shade & Brighten – Play Kit.


It’s a little eyeshadow palette.
Soooo cute.

I chose this palette because I was hit by the colors. So vibrant.
And I’m sooo happy, because I love it!

The palette is very small and compact, and it’s perfect for travel.

The eyeshadow are so bright, so pigmented and so easy to blend out.
The color that you see in the palette, it’s what you’re going to see on your eyes.
And cost only £2.50.


Maybe the only thing that I didn’t like very much, is that unlike the other palettes from the same brand, at the end of the day the make up was a little ruined, loose. But I have to say also that the day I’ve tried it I walked for hours in the sun (I think I walked for about 12km).

So in any case is a big thumb up for this palette.




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