Freedom Makeup London Pro 32 – Innocent Collection

Hello everyone!
Welcome back 🙂

Today I’m going to talk about Freedom Makeup London Pro 32 – Innocent Collection.


I’m going to start to say that I’ve paid just £4 for 32 eyeshadow palette. It’s crazy! Can you believe it?
Normally the price is £8, and I think it’s still a very good price for this palette.

This palette has a classic black case, with a full size mirror.

The shade range is so amazing.
Thanks to the vastness of the colors in this palette, you can create many different looks.

The quality of the shadows is stunning and they are quite long-lasting.
They’re also very pigmented, creamy and very easy to blend.
I’m totally in love by the red / brown color in the center (in the photo you can notice that I had already used it)


I would definitely recommend this pallete!

For today is everythink.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.
See ya next time!




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