Russian Spiral

Hello everyone! Welcome back! Today I'd like to talk again about seed beads. Today I want to show you one of the first techniques I've learned. It is a very simple technique, suitable for everyone, even for beginners, but at the same time it allows to create wonderful things. I'm talking about the Russian Spiral. With … Continue reading Russian Spiral


Valentine’s Brecelet – Herringbone Tubolar

Hello everybody! Welcome back on my blog. Today I'm going to talk again about seed beads. As you know, this is another great passion of mine, and I'd like to show you some of the thing I've created, trying to explain how to make them. Today I'd like to show you my "Valentine's Bracelet" I've … Continue reading Valentine’s Brecelet – Herringbone Tubolar

How to clean a Beauty Blender?

Hello everyone and welcome back! Today my post will be a wee bit different. As you already know, I love make up, and every day I learn something new, I try different products and techniques, trying to improve myself. It's only a few months since I started using the beauty blender to apply the foundation … Continue reading How to clean a Beauty Blender?

Ghirlanda Bracelet

Good Morning everyone, and welcome back. Today I want to show you some creation that I've made for last Christmas, and that I liked sooo much that I've decided to create one also for my wedding. I'm talking about the bracelet "Ghirlanda". I think that it's very elegant and beautiful. And actually it's also very … Continue reading Ghirlanda Bracelet

My other passion (Beads, beads, beads)

Hi everyone! Welcome back on my blog 🙂 Today I'm here to talk about something different. I won't do any review, and I won't talk about makeup; but I want to talk about my other passion (at least another one XD): the seed beads! I love the seed beads and to make handmade jewellery. Also … Continue reading My other passion (Beads, beads, beads)